London based home decor company Designer Colours were looking to rebrand and update the signage at their large premises in Mill Hill to attract more business and boost visibility in the area.

The project involved removing dated signage which was in need of a freshen up. The old signs were replaced with 3 x Flex Face signs, a large canopy sign which spanned 21m and a smaller stencil cut sign tray at 5.4m in length.

The 3 x flex face signs cover an entire wall on the left hand side of the main building and have been painted to match the slate grey exterior. The largest of the 3 is installed directly above the shop window and features a very colourful graphic depicting the services and products available in store. The 2 smaller signs which are installed on either side of the large sign include brands available in store and opening hours.

The impressive main canopy sign tray which is a total of 21m in length covers 3 sides of a canopy which overhangs the customer car park in the centre of the premises. The main section of the sign which is over 17m long is wrapped in printed vinyl and has panel mounted built up halo illuminated letters reading “design colours”. Situated above these letters are 9 x brightly coloured 3D cubes formed from different coloured acrylic and illuminated on all sides. This design has also been mirrored on the right hand side of the sign tray which is 3.5m long so that passersby can see the business name from all angles.

On the right hand side of the premises is another entrance to the shop which needed a replacement sign. Designer Colours chose to have another vinyl wrapped sign tray to match the main canopy sign but instead of built up letters they selected stencil cut detail backed in illuminated acrylic for a simpler, elegant finish.

Designer Colours also commissioned the installation of two freestanding poster case boards that were lockable and could be easily updated. These boards were installed close to the road side and strategically angled so that traffic coming from both directions could easily see the advertisements.

To minimise disruption to business the main part of the installation took place during the last working week before Christmas which was a quieter time for Designer Colours.