Flex Face Signs are a unique box style system used for outdoor applications such as retail parks, shop fronts and other large customer-facing signage.

Here at SignFab (UK) Ltd, we have a dedicated workshop solely focusing on the fabrication of Flex Face products within our Byford Road facility.

Having a large dedicated area to fabricate flex boxes allows work to continue when our Metal Fabrication workshops are brimming. Our in-house paint line allows the sections to be painted in-line with our other products also. All skins are clipped up before heading to the site.

Did you know? The largest flex face fabricated and fitted to date is a whopping 24m x 4.8m!

Where did the name Flex Face come from?

The name ‘flex face’ derives from the primary feature of the system; a tensioned flexible PVC banner substrate that stretches across the face of the sign to create something that resembles the skin of a drum. Flex faces are commonly referred to as “skins” within the industry.

The devil is in the detail when it comes to printed skins. When specifying the print to the skin you need to remember;

  • A single strike is for non-illuminated signage with a single layer print.
  • Double strike is for illuminated signage with a double layer print
  • Block out is for an illuminated skin, this print has a three-layer print including black ink as a block out layer for non-illuminated sections.
  • Day & Night is a three-layer print layer it comprises of an Image layer, then a white ink flood layer followed by the image again (this method of print allows colours to be the same whether illuminated or not)

The main benefits of using flex over rigid materials and media are scalability and safety.  The boxes themselves are made from aluminium and are extremely robust and durable yet lightweight and there are different depth profiles available within our range.

Did you know?    You can ‘weld’ PVC prints together to create an even larger print that is seamless once installed – something that cannot be achieved with rigid substrates.

Did you know?    It is common for external flex signage to be in situ for decades with the skin alone being changed on a regular basis.

Flex Face signage can come in both illuminated boxes and non-illuminated frames, depending on your requirements;

Illuminated Frames

Flex Face Light Boxes are generally deeper with the extra depth allowing the installation of internal illumination to light up the decorated skin from behind.

We currently illuminate our Flex Face Light Boxes using the First Lite FL Max module, which is a specially designed LED Module with 7 diodes providing excellent illumination with very a reduced amount of LEDs.

Whereas square or rectangular systems are usually the preferred choices, our expert team of fabricators can also be manufactured to create many other shapes, including lettering.

What makes a Flex Face Light Box unique?

  • Completely outdoor and weather resistant.
  • PVC substrate material perfect for larger-scale signage and ease of transportation.
  • Light but very robust aluminium profiles for the longevity of the signage.
  • Custom shapes, sizes and metal colour finish possible.
  • Illuminate your signage with energy-saving, environmentally friendly and LEDs.

Non-Illuminated Frames

The non-illuminated frame system consists of only 2 elements,

  • the frame
  • the skin

The non-illuminated system is much slimmer with a depth of only 30mm and is fixed straight to the wall. This type of flex sign is extremely robust, There is a wide range of applications for this type of signage; from airports through to football stadiums – a perfect solution for a large-scale sign that does not require illumination.

Why not then take advantage of our Trade Installation Service? With hundreds of hours of experience of fitting Flex Face signage, let our expert teams flex their muscles while you get on with the next sale. Drop our Install team an email to get the ball rolling. (install@signfab.co.uk)