Here at SignFab, we know it is important to keep #ontrend and we are proud to announce our impressive new Liquid Metal Paint range.

Our Liquid Metal Paint range will set you ahead of the game with 16 fantastic metal finishes each can be tailor-finished to make your clients project truly bespoke.

What is a Liquid Metal Paint finish?

  • It is a 98% 160μm micron coating of the original metal with a 2% emulsion to allow the liquid metal to cover different surfaces.
  • The paint finish behaves just like the original metal, they polish, rust and patina.
  • The finish can be applied to MDF, acrylic, high-density polystyrene and all sheet metals.
  • If completely sealed by SignFab and no additional ingress holes are made the product will survive 25 years!

We are creating personalised Slide Decks branded with your logo for you and your Sales Team to use when promoting and specifying projects that have a Liquid Metal element.

Click here to request your Liquid Metal Slide Deck 

The Slide Deck includes high-resolution photographs of each finish along with a gallery of inspirational images to share with your client.

If you would like more information or have a project in mind why not book some time in with James Stevenson, our Marketing & Business Development Manager to discuss things further via his Online Calendar here.