INV Recruitment – the first recruitment business to become a member of ISA-UK

“I am glad that INV Recruitment has finally become a member of the ISA-UK. This has been in the works since the business started trading in early 2020; however, with Covid, it was put on the back burner. 

Sam Armstrong from “Make it Happen” has helped me drive this and explained the benefits of becoming a member of the ISA-UK as the first and only recruitment business. In November 2022, I took part in one of her training courses which was a collaboration with “Women in Signs and Graphics”, a group of which I am a co-founder, and we started discussing it again and just felt like this was the right time. 

I want to add value to the industry and help signage businesses wither with their recruitment needs or with advice on their recruitment process, etc. 

The entire ISA-UK team has been accommodating so far, and I look forward to seeing where this will go.”

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