ISA-UK Member Antalis invites you to join a webinar on Coala Interior films and their many applications

The webinar will take place on 20th May at 10.00am.

ISA-UK Member, Antalis will present Coala Interior Film, its brand of decorative self-adhesive products with hints and tips on how to redecorate interior spaces. Coala Interior Film includes a range of over 650 easy to apply finishes that offer truer-than-life textures that can cover most surfaces in record time.

The webinar is both informational and practical and will introduce the range, the swatches, and tools available and then demonstrate how to install materials on a wall, door and angled corners.

To join the webinar and find out how Coala Interior Film can give new life to interior spaces click here:

Coala Interior Film, from Antalis, is a collection of creative self-adhesive finishes, which perfectly meet the needs of interior designers and refurbishment companies.Due to their extraordinary realism, Coala Interior Films create the illusion of raw materials without the complexities of construction. With over 650 easily applied film finishes available, from wood, leather, marble, and stone to metallic, glitter, fabric and solid colour categories, the options are endless. Coala Interior Film offers true to life textures that can cover most surfaces allowing a cost-effective solution to upcycling and updating interior environments with high quality, durability and beautiful results.

Easy to maintain, moisture proof, UV, fire resistant and anti-bacterial, the Coala Interior Film range can help to limit waste by transforming existing walls and furniture. It is especially relevant during the present challenging times, to quickly refresh any room, space, or surface where differentiation and modifications maybe required or just simply desired. Coala Interior Film is being used in hospitality, entertainment, retail and other commercial environments and industries to reinvent spaces quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

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