New product launch from ISA-UK member Dorotape: Long-term protection against graffiti

Spray paint running off surface of ASLAN SL99

Dorotape are excited to launch what is believed to be the only product of its type on the market.  ASLAN SL99 is not just an anti-graffiti laminate! The special matt coating of this self-adhesive transparent film repels spray paints and permanent markers with ease making it the perfect deterrent to graffiti artists and opportunist vandalism.

The matt surface is glare and reflection free, repels spray paint and permanent markers and is super-easy to wipe or rub clean due to the special scratch resistance finish.

Developed to protect digital prints and other surfaces from defacement in public buildings, schools, universities and hospitals etc, ASLAN SL99 can even be used to protect uneven outdoor surfaces against vandalism in public places, transit waiting areas and events. Cleaning can be done by untrained staff so will save time and money compared to costly specialist cleaning or replacement of the signage.

Michael Ingram from Dorotape added ‘A recent study revealed that prompt graffiti removal leaving a graffiti free surface deters further attacks and that graffiti removal within 48 hours lowers the risk of further attack by more than 90%’

ASLAN SL99 can be applied either dry or wet, has an outdoor durability of up to 3 years, a flame retardancy according to Euroclass DIN EN 13501-1 and is also suitable for laminating on top of UV-curable inks.

Dorotape are proud to have been awarded Gold Distributor status for ASLAN in the UK so to find out more please contact them on 01858 431642 or email