Sign-Tec Services Ltd.

Address: 5 Wadhurst Business Park, Faircrouch Lane, Wadhurst TN5 6PT, United Kingdom
Phone: 01892 783 900
Member type: Trade Supplier & Services
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neon, cold cathode, neo materials, neon, installation materials, LED, sign making matrials, electrodes, clear glass, coated glass, coloured powder, Fluorescent Powder, Rare Gas, Mercury & Mercury Clean up kit, Glass Working Equipment, Transformers, Silicone Caps, Silicone Bushes & Electrode Housings, Tube Supports, LED Flashers & Dimmers,

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Sign-Tec Services, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of materials & equipment for the manufacture and installation of: – neon & cold cathode lighting (neon supplies) – LED lighting systems – lighting for advertising – sign making materials All products are backed up by technical expertise – both our own and drawing on the resources of our supplier partners – NP Lighting GmbH; Hansen Neon & LED; Brollo-SIET Transformers.