Signum- Specialists in International Project Delivery.

Address: City Road, London EC1V 2NX, UK
Phone: 0207 8460007
Member type: Consultant/Designer, Independent Installer
Key Services:

Experts in cost management, exact detailed specification, strategy and logistics for International brand implementation projects. To help with planning and executing your clients re-branding, Signum is your local-global brand guardian, an extension to your team.

With a truly Global reach, the ability to provide local contact for day to day communication, we can help you deliver your projects Worldwide, from London to Russia, Thailand to Cape Town, and everywhere in between. Signum are there to help you grow and expand your business, on a truly Global platform.

Signum offers you all of the benefits of a being able to expand your offer with new or existing clients without the need of any investment. Signum take care of everything you would need to deliver a project Globally. With the largest network of International partners available capacity is never an issue, Signum really do ‘go further’.

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EMEA Brand Implementation and Product Procurement Consultancy.

EMEA’s leading Signage Consultancy. At Signum we provide Signs, Displays, Prints, Graphics & Associated products. With a network of the best of Europe to measure, manage, produce & implement Signum have proved how we stand out in the crowd. We love what we do and can’t wait to partner with you on your next project. What we do is the most visible touch point of any brand. We are the reason you can find your favourite products, restaurants, retailers, leisure facilities and much more. We are the business that delivers Brand Identity to virtually any location. We are not new, we just choose not to shout about what we do, we just do it…