ISA-UK Online Learning Subject Area: Digital Signage

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Course Descriptions

Applications and Where to Sell Digital Signage
Discover where to find new business in digital signage and learn how to increase your bottom line. Potential customers are waiting for you to find them.

Art and Craft of Selling Digital Signage to Your Clients
Who exactly are the potential customers for digital signage? Learn who the customers are and how to use your current skills and expertise, with a little education about digital signage, to increase your business with both current and new clients.

Digital Signage: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
The majority of failures for those entering the digital signage industry can be directly traced to a lack of planning and due diligence up front. Gain an understanding of the major business issues that face the digital signage industry enabling you to create a solid business plan.

Digital Signage: The 7 Key Elements
Learn the basics of digital signage, market growth and the seven key elements of digital signage (business, content, design, software, hardware, connectivity, and operations).

Digital Signage: Turning on Digital Signage
Digital Signage: What exactly is it? What’s the market size and growth potential? What are the applications? Ultimately, how do I add it to my business and sell it? This course will answer all of these questions, and more.

Introduction to Digital Signage: Where is the Profit?
The key to achieving success in digital signage is to understand the major elements that are involved. Learn how to increase your revenue and capture reoccurring revenue by expanding your business into digital signage with minimal investment and time.

Small Shops, Big Wins: Sales Strategies for Sign Shops
Sign shops have proven that digital signage is a perfect product for many of their clients, and these shops have already blazed a trail for success. Use these proven tactics to build a digital sales strategy that fits your shop and engages your clients. Discover the optimal types of “static sign” clients for sales of digital signage, and learn techniques to ignite their interest in digital signage. Match the product to the prospect and learn what you need to include in a winning digital sign proposal.

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