ISA-UK Online Learning Subject Area: Marketing

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Course Descriptions

Building a More Design-Centric Sign Company
How does a sign company stand out? Offering premier design services is one way to raise the bar of the work being sold. It can also serve as a means to move from a commodity-based business to more of a service-based business.

Estimating for Profit – Moving from “Best Guess” to “Best Practice”
If you are like most sign companies, you probably find the role of estimating to be one of the most critical and yet, frustrating components in running your business. You are constantly battling between losing jobs because the competition beat you to the punch in producing a proposal, and losing money when a job doesn’t go as estimated. The estimating challenge in the sign industry is really a double-edged sword, as “good” estimates need to be both fast and accurate. Learn how to clarify what an estimate is and isn’t and gain an understanding of the many uses of a good estimate.

How to Get the Job at Your Price
Learn how to sell the value of your company rather than defend the cost of your work. Learn professional sales and marketing strategies that you can put to immediate use to avoid the price shopping rat race.

How to Get Top-Dollar Marketing Results Without Spending a Fortune
Are your marketing efforts consistent with the widely-accepted belief that “people buy from people who they like, trust and with whom it is convenient to do business”? Learn how to make your marketing message and image become “top of mind” and get your products in the hands of your ideal target clientele without busting your budget. Becoming a “brand name” that’s recognised throughout your marketplace is easier than you may think. Learn tips and techniques necessary to have your customers think of you first when they are shopping for the things you sell.

Marketing Strategies for Sign Companies
Marketing is not a luxury afforded only to large companies that have the budget for a full team of marketing professionals. There are small and affordable strategies you can begin to implement today to help you put your company’s best foot forward. Learn a few easy-to-implement strategies that can elevate your company to be fully representative of your capabilities and core values and to help you win business. Gain an understanding of how to use your limited marketing resources (people, time, budget) effectively. Master the basics of how best to represent your company, learning which techniques are necessary and which are not.

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