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Course Descriptions

Choosing the Technology to Best Fit the Application Requirements
Learn the various technologies, including: 3-D print, Thermoform, and CNC routing that can be used for creating dimensional signage. Gain an understanding of the opportunities for each, the future of 3-D print, and considerations for choosing the best technology to meet your application requirements.

Commercial Print Trends and Best Practices
A content-rich session specifically for organisations who are seeking the trending wide format applications, best practices, new offerings and strongest profit margins throughout print. Denise M. Gustavson of Printing Impressions leads a panel discussion of major manufacturers/suppliers who are seeing the hottest areas to move/expand into.

Colour Management Secrets
What if you could match your monitor with output from your wide format printer? What if you could get training in colour management that was not confusing? What if you could learn how to match spot colours like logos and more? Gain answers to these questions and learn how to save time colour matching, enhance your print image quality and improve customer satisfaction.

How G7 Makes Inkjet Colour Management Better
Globally the demand for consistency across a brand and its product lines is at an all-time high. Colour consistency is a huge part of this demand and colour management via the creation of custom profiles provides a solution that delivers consistent and repeatable colour. G7 transcends all print mediums and connects the supply chain providing a process to create consistent repeatable colour. Learn how G7 can help you retain customers, grow your business, get product out the door faster, increase up-time, decrease waste, and increase profitability.


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