ISA-UK Online Learning Subject Area: Project Management

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Course Descriptions

Programme and Project Management
Why study project management? Well, the main purpose of initiating any project is to accomplish a goal. Good project management techniques increase the likelihood of accomplishing that goal. Project management also gives us someone – namely the project manager – to spearhead the project and to hold accountable for its completion. There are two modules in this course that will introduce you to the role of project and programme management in the sign, graphics and visual communications industry.

Project Management Challenges and How to Rise Above Them
Countless challenges and obstacles face project managers in the signage industry today. This course will identify some of those stumbling blocks and prepare you to tackle or eliminate these issues from arising during the life of the project. In this course you will learn how to (1) Identify risk factors during the early phases of the project; (2) Develop a plan of action to reduce or eliminate challenges with the project and (3) Understand the importance of post project review.

The Keys to Successful Programme Management
Good programme management techniques increase the likelihood of completing the project on time, on budget and with high quality results. Learn the differences between a project and a programme, the responsibilities associated with each and discover a blueprint to handle a new programme.

Top 10 Leadership Qualities of an Exceptional Project Manager
The successful completion of projects is the primary responsibility of the Project Manager and each project raises new challenges. Learn the skills, talents and diplomacy needed to help tackle any challenges.

Essential Leadership Skills for Project Managers
Project managers must be able to assess situations quickly and accurately to maximize project resources and minimize project threats as each project raises new challenges and requires a different approach. Leadership is about change and moving forward, and successful project managers are effective communicators that know when and how to be leaders. This session will focus on identifying what leadership is, developing and sharpening those leadership skills and understanding the impact of soft skills that leaders today must have to drive their teams to success. 


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