ISA-UK Online Learning Subject Area: Sales

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Course Descriptions

How to Find and Keep Great Salespeople
A salesperson on staff can add as much as 60% to your company’s volume. But the number one topic of conversation when it comes to that subject is, “Where do I find them?” The problem isn’t that they aren’t looking for work. The problem is that we, as business owners, are looking for the wrong kind of person, using old recruiting methods, and ending up in a horror story of Groundhog Day – if you can find them, they don’t work out and you have to start all over again just to end up with the same results. Attracting someone to represent your business in the sales position takes an understanding of their role in the selling process.

Rethinking Sales Management
It’s time to rethink every element of sales performance and sales management. Management problems are often at the centre of the majority of sales problems and these are problems that can be solved.

The Sales Triathlon: Time Management, Voicemail, and Overcome Objections
Ask any print sales rep, “Why aren’t you selling more?”, and you are sure to hear three issues mentioned. Regardless of experience level, these three sales challenges confront us all. Mastering time management, learning to overcome objections, and beating voicemail can be the difference between being a sales rep and a sales superstar. Learn how to address these three biggest sales challenges and gain new ideas and solutions.


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