Why Join ISA-UK?

ISA-UK is the only trade association
for the signage industry within the United Kingdom.
We seek to raise industry specific standards, communicate best practices,
and increase and support the development of a diverse and inclusive signage community.
Skilled Industry Individuals
Professional Signage Organisations

What We Do


We represent and support our members in the UK and overseas within the signage and graphics industry.

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We defend the interests of our members by tackling key industry issues such as planning legislation or sector guidelines.



We provide access to resources to ensure your business is operating at the highest quality, up-to-date standards.



Through networking, influence, and social media, we promote our members to prospective sign buyers and specifiers.

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ISA-UK Membership Services and Benefits
Help and advice with all aspects of business law, available at advantageous rates.
A unique insurance scheme, designed to meet the needs of sign makers is available to members at competitive rates.
Members receive access to government funding and resources.
We actively monitor potential changes in planning laws. If any proposals appear to be to a detriment to the sign industry, ISA-UK will take steps necessary to defend the industry’s position.
Members have access to other ISA-UK supplier promotions and discounts.
Education, training and other resources are available to members to support their staff and business development.
ISA-UK has been the ONLY trade association to have represented the interests of our members with regard to CSCS cards and other legislative matters.
Members gain access to technical support and resources, such as the BS559
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Membership of ISA-UK includes every type and size of sign business, from craftsman sign writers, through businesses that manufacture architectural and illuminated signs, to those that specialise the production of vinyl signage, vehicle liveries and digitally produced signs.
ISA-UK also represents a number of additional sign related business sectors including sign installers, designers and specialist consultants as well as businesses that manufacture and/or distribute materials, equipment and services used by sign makers.
ISA-UK is run by elected and volunteer members who sit on the council and a number of specialist committees, including technical, marketing and finance.
ISA-UK Membership Categories
ISA UK Member Badge - Full Member

Any organisation or individual engaged in the manufacturing, supplying, installing or maintaining signs, graphics or other visual communication or manifestation directly to end users.

ISA UK Member Badge - Commercial Partner

Any organisation or individual who supplies raw material, components, equipment, fabricated products or services to the sign industry – including the supply of signs or services sold directly to end user.

Any education establishment or organisation which provides education, training courses, or examinations/assessment courses designed specifically for the sign industry.

ISA UK Member Badge - Specifier:Consultant

Any organisation or individual who is involved in the specification of sourcing signs, print, graphic displays or other related services – including the sourcing of installation and maintenance services.

Membership of ISA-UK delivers a powerful signal to sign buyers of a professional, competent and qualified company. The ISA-UK emblem is a highly visible symbol of a quality sign maker and its use by members offers distinct marketing advantages. Many tender documents now specifically demand details of trade association membership as a prerequisite of the tendering process.

However, membership of ISA-UK also provides much more. ISA-UK is a proactive organisation working on a continuous basis to defend the interests of the industry against potential threats that would damage the ability to do business and to provide a range of member services.

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