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ISA-UK Terms and Conditions

When you join ISA-UK you must accept the Terms and Conditions of Membership. You can view and download the Terms and Conditions of Membership by clicking the link below.

Membership Categories and Fees

The cost to join the ISA-UK depends on the type of membership you wish to apply for and the annual turnover of your company.

To view the ISA-UK Privacy and Data Protection Policy click here

Joining the ISA-UK is a 4 step process. ISA-UK prides itself that all applications are treated on a personal basis and that every opportunity is afforded to ensure that any questions that you may have can be discussed before the next stage of the application process.

The process

  1. Complete and submit Application
  2. You will be contacted by ISA-UK team
  3. Site visit  – Current Covid regulations prevent us from paying you a visit at the moment however we can conduct our discussion over the telephone where you can ask us as many questions as you like regarding the benefits of being a Member. We look forward to being able to visit you when this is all over.
  4. Approval by ISA-UK Council


All fields of the form below must be completed. Once the form has been submitted you will receive a message confirming that your application has been submitted.

This email address is the one you wish potential customers to contact you through.
Please select the category of membership you are applying for.
The name of the person who is authorised to complete this form and sign.
Please provide the email address of the primary contact and/or the person authorised to complete this form. This information will not be made available to anyone visiting the ISA-UK website. It is only required to facilitate the application and administration of your membership.
Please note the current member company above.

All applications are subject to the approval of the ISA-UK Council:
Membership will take effect upon payment of the appropriate Membership fee.

You are applying for membership for yourself or your own business or on behalf of a registered company and agree that if accepted, you, the Company, its Directors and employees, subcontractors and the like, be bound by the ISA-UK Rules of Membership and Code of Conduct.

You and or the applicant company, understand that membership is automatically extended for 12 months on each anniversary date from when membership commenced unless ISA-UK receives written notice of membership cancellation before the end of the membership year or membership is terminated by ISA-UK in accordance with the Rules of Membership.

Benefits of Membership include regular email communications which will include (but not limited to) newsletters, advice, latest legislation and regulation information, news items and announcements. We are unable to fulfil our contractural obligations without sending these emails to you.

We comply with all current (and future) data protection legislation and will use your personal data for the following purposes:
• To correspond with you.
• To offer our services and where you agree, those of our Commercial Partner Members
• For the performance of any contract with you.
• To send out invoices to members and follow up on payment of these.
• To maintain our own accounts and records.
• To adhere to legal requirements.
• To inform individuals of news, events or activities attributable to membership practices.

Member offers
From time to time, ISA-UK would like to send you exclusive member offers for events such as webinars, training, exhibitions, awards shows, technical publications etc. either organised by ISA-UK or our partners and that we believe will be of valuable legitimate business interest to you.

Please indicate whether you would like to receive these important business to business messages and updates which may increase your competative advantage.
You can always opt-out at any time, just email heading your email 'Opt-out of consent to receive ISA-UK offers' and provide the details of the email address that is opting out or click the unsubscribe button if available.

Emails from ISA-UK Commercial Partners and member Offers
Our Commercial Partner Members have a natural business interest to correspond with fellow members of ISA-UK and to inform them of new products, promotions and discounts available to ISA-UK Members.
To accommodate this, we would like to share your details with our Commercial Partner Members so that they can contact you directly. You will always retain the right to opt out of this service by contacting us at and heading your email ‘Opt out of consent for Commercial Partners’ and provide the details of the email that is opting out.