Introducing NEW Contra Vision AutoGraph available from ISA-UK member William Smith

William Smith launches Contra Vision AutoGraph, the world’s first perforated window film specifically designed for vehicle wraps and other overlaminated applications.

Vehicle windows provide a fantastic and sometimes overlooked opportunity to display a company’s branding, be it on their own or as part of a larger vehicle wrap. Contra Vision constantly strives to improve and optimise its films for better performance, particularly when it comes to vehicle window applications.

While overlaminating perforated window films is not always necessary, it is highly recommended to maintain visibility on any graphics exposed to water and dirt.

However, overlaminating window films can sometimes lead to other issues too. Overlaminated perforated window film must be dry applied, which can lead to bubbles forming beneath the surface where the air has been trapped. Pricking these bubbles can leave the material vulnerable to moisture ingress, and aggressive squeegeeing can distort the overlaminate, ruining the visibility and leaving streaks across the window.

Contra Vision’s latest product, AutoGraph, has been designed and manufactured to solve these very issues, making the application process an altogether more enjoyable and stress-free experience for all those involved.

AutoGraph is a 40% transparency perforated window film specifically designed for vehicle graphics and other overlaminated applications.

The film features channels within the adhesive that allows for any trapped air to be expelled with ease, even after the overlaminating has been done. This means you can be confident in a smooth, bubble-free finish every single time!

A thinner polymeric face film allows for greater conformability to curved vehicle windows. The film also provides an enhanced adhesion level, while still allowing for clean removability.

AutoGraph has also been formulated to allow for reliable cold weather applications down to temperatures as low as 0°C.

Contra Vision’s optically clear overlaminate, CL50CY, is a 50-micron cast PVC film recommended for use with AutoGraph. CL50CY provides excellent optical clarity and protection. It is suitable for all overlaminated applications, including curved vehicle windows.

Eager to get to grips with Contra Vision AutoGraph? You can call our sales team on 01833 690305 or e-mail to place an order or request a free sample today!