ISA-UK Member The Sign Group expands their range of industry leading faux neon

Best known for their award winning Neonplus® brand and amazing Alphascreens™ digital signage, The Sign Group is not only a long standing supplier to the sign trade, but an integral part of the supply chain for many other trade sign suppliers.

One thing that The Sign Group has manufactured for years but not pushed to its fullest, is budget neon flex signage. Grey Hoole, Managing Director at The Sign Group,  said “We’ve made and supplied neon flex signs for years, and in quite reasonable volumes, but the need for it has always been very seasonal, almost an ‘all or nothing’ scenario so we’ve never fully set aside space for manufacturing year round.”

ISA-UK Member The Sign Group Neon

“Through the lockdowns, we used the time to think through a few things and decided to make steps to start pushing it alongside our other services. This has moved on since last March to a point where we have just ordered a new mezzanine floor, apx 5000 sq ft extra in the main workshop, solely for producing neon flex signs.  This will hopefully see us increase output to 500 neon flex signs per week by this summer.”

ISA-UK Member The Sign Group Neon

Grey went on to say, “We’ve always tried to stay away from ‘budget’ options as that was always thought of as being ‘cheap and nasty’, but we’ve spent the last 6-7yrs in R&D as a bi-product of our seasonal work, and are very confident that the sign trade won’t be able to get better value for money for the same product elsewhere.”

For over 10 years, The Sign Group has led the way in cutting edge illuminated signage, this new focus on a quicker, ‘lighter’ version of what they’re known for is an exciting step, partly brought on by the inevitable ‘thinking time’ 2020 lockdowns gave everyone, but also by expanding on an existing service they already provide.