ISA-UK rebrands back to The British Sign and Graphic Association (BSGA)

Effective immediately, The British Sign and Graphic Association (BSGA) and the International Sign Association (ISA) have amicably decided to conclude their formal alliance, which has been in place since 2019. However, a robust collaboration between the two entities will persist, ensuring that members from both associations continue to reap the benefits of shared information and resources.

David Allen, President of the BSGA, explains, “The strategic decision to end the formal alliance between our organisations enables us to concentrate more effectively on our respective territories. By reclaiming our BSGA branding, we can now serve the UK signage industry more efficiently, while still leveraging our strong relationship with the ISA.”

The BSGA has now rebranded with a new logo and new visuals for the various membership certifications. These have been distributed to members, along with more detailed documentation outlining the working guidelines for being a BSGA member.

David adds, “Both associations recognise the importance of international cooperation. The BSGA and ISA will continue to work together on initiatives and projects where joint efforts offer added value and opportunities for our members.”

He concludes, “BSGA will continue to represent our UK members and work alongside other UK and European organisations to promote and protect our industry.”