Learn Along With ISA-UK and The Online Print Coach: Customer Avatars

Customer Avatars – The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing

Not having at least one Customer Avatar for your business can be costly to you over a period of time. It is however very common for me to come across many Signage Companies that do not go through this process. The good news is, I’m going to show you how to gain an advantage over your competitors.

You could have the best kit at your disposal, and give the best service, but if you are not selling to the right people, what’s the point? You’re putting in all that effort for minimal return and it’s probably why you’re not hitting the sales targets you’d like to be hitting.

A Customer Avatar, otherwise known as a ‘Buying Persona’, is essentially the profile of your perfect customer. The ones you make the best margins on, the ones who give you the least grief and take up less of your time. It’s what they look like, what their habits are, their interests, what challenges they face each day, and what their aspirations are for their business. Once you know all this, it makes marketing to them far more effective for your business and you can show them how you dealing with you will make their lives better.
So why are these called the Swiss Army Knife of Marketing I hear you ask? Well, digital marketing is made up of lots of different disciplines. Content marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, social media, copywriting, analytics, the list goes on, but within each of these, the Customer Avatar plays its own role – hence the name Swiss Army Knife.


Content Marketing – Having a Customer Avatar helps you decide which content to write for your blogs

Paid Ads – Having a Customer Avatar will help you discover which platforms you should buy your traffic from and how to target them within that platform

Product Creation – Having a Customer Avatar will help you determine which products you should and shouldn’t be selling

Copywriting – Having a Customer Avatar will help you describe your offers in a way that addresses any concerns or objections they might have, persuading them to actually buy from you

Email Marketing – Having a Customer Avatar will help you get more open rated and higher conversion on your emails.

If you’d like to know how to go about creating your first Customer Avatar and how best to market to them to ensure you ultimately are only working with the people that best suit you, I can show you how within The Print Growth Academy, a monthly membership I’ve created to help businesses like yours become more profitable. 

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