PressOn offer to demo new ISA-UK member Marabu laminator

Marabu’s Clear Shield Gloss – a water-based liquid coating – has so impressed one customer over recent years that they have now purchased a Marabu Starlam 1600R Liquid Roll  Laminator to apply the product and are offering to demonstrate it to other potential purchasers.

The machine has been sold to PressOn, who are specialists in the production of high-quality large format digital print for both indoor and outdoor purposes, are based in Chatham, Kent but operate throughout the UK.

PressOn have been using Clear Shield Gloss for over 10 years and have always been enthusiastic about its overall protection for digital print. Now they are so pleased with the way the new Starlam 1600R Liquid Roll Laminator works with Clear Shield Gloss  that they are happy to offer other potential purchasers demonstrations highlighting its key features.

Commented PressOn Managing Director, Andy Wilson: “Marabu’s ready-to-use water-based liquid technology Clear Shield Gloss has been enhancing the overall protection of our digital printed output for many years. It has played an integral part in meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers taking delivery of massive amounts of finished artwork for vehicle livery.

“Because of the relationship we have developed with Marabu we are now more than happy to host demonstrations of the new Starlam 1600R Liquid Roll Laminator at our Chatham base.”

Added Marabu UK’s Sales and Product Manager for Digital Ink, Adam Slack: “We are delighted and very grateful that PressOn have agreed to become a reference house for this technology. Since upgrading from older machinery, to the Starlam 1600R Liquid Roll Laminator, they have witnessed increased production capabilities and found it to be the ultimate tool for achieving top-notch accuracy, swiftness, and excellence in coating vehicle livery designs with a superior protection from the elements.”