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As a business owner, I bet you are not short of enquiries from people telling you how they can help you grow your business through various marketing activities.

However, the question isn’t necessarily, ‘What is the best form of marketing for my business?’ but instead, ‘What is the best way for my business to win and retain good quality, profitable and sustainable customers?’.

Think about your best customers. How did you win them in the first place? Was it a random response to an advert or web enquiry? Was it a referral? Was it a pre-existing relationship you had developed over many years?

I suspect it is much more likely that your most loyal and profitable customers are those you have nurtured and looked after for many years. One that you have built solid relationships with, perhaps even friendships that have crossed over from business to personal. I also predict that as a result of these relationships, they have referred you to other potential customers.

Content is King

This is why I believe that whatever form your marketing takes, great content will make it more successful and also easier to deliver. The first thing someone will do when they come across you, either as a referral or through research or chance, is read what the internet has to say about you.

The internet provides you with a global window to all the people you could do business with. What you do in that window will dictate how successful you are. It is relatively easy to display great content that describes what you do, how you do it, what you do well, how well you understand the industry and what others say about you.

What makes good content?

  • Customer testimonials
  • New product announcements
  • Your opinion on the latest trends
  • Your view on what’s important in the industry
  • Your tips on how to do things
  • Your company achievements
  • New people
  • New services
  • Articles by others about you (ie in the press)
  • Etc etc etc…

These are the stories that paint a picture of your business and give existing and potential customers the opportunity to engage with you in a positive way.  It also provides you with materials you can share quickly and easily with others to help your promotions.

I have joined ISA-UK to represent my news website – eyeondisplay.co.uk. This has been developed to provide a forum for the industry to share regular news, reports and stories relevant to the sign, print and graphics market in the UK and globally. It also allows me to work with many different companies and provide writing and PR services where required.

Craig asked me to prepare this article in order to let other ISA-UK members know that there is a member in the ranks who can help with PR and marketing your businesses. I provide a range of writing and PR services to help companies like yours develop stories and articles to inform and educate their customers and prospects and, in turn, increase their own awareness and revenue.

If you would like to have a chat about how Eye on Display can help your business get the word out, please drop me a line at jack@eyeondisplay.co.uk