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The continued search by signmakers for lighter, thinner, greener and cheaper substrates has driven Innova Solutions to develop a range of adhesive and adhesive tape solutions to securely and reliably bond such materials as aluminium, stainless, acrylic, polycarbonate and ACM. Innova has worked in conjunction with many market leaders, sign material manufacturers and our own chemists to develop a range of tapes and adhesives that bond these new substrates extremely well without the need for labour intensive surface preparation. Our aim has always been to rationalise products on the shopfloor and make the choice as easy as possible for the signmaker. This means less cash is tied up in different products and the production process is streamlined and costly errors are reduced.

A resounding success into the safety sign market was the introduction of the Jessup Glo Brite range of photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) materials. We only supply raw materials to the trade in self adhesive sheets and rolls and in rigid sheets for screen, thermal transfer or UV ink printing and conversion into signage. We compliment these with a range of printed and plain tapes and die cuts for wall or floor marking. Being 100% PVC free and utilising the latest photoluminescent pigment technology, the Jessup Glo Brite range is extremely user friendly:- laying perfectly flat without edge curl or shrinkage, it gives excellent print definition and glows ten times brighter for ten times longer than traditional photoluminescent materials. Supported with an impressive portfolio of global accreditations, the Jessup Glo Brite range provides the most cutting- edge technology and a remarkably cost-effective solution.

Our range of adhesives, tapes and photoluminescent materials are supported with a range of bonding, cleaning and protection media for the signmaking market. We purposefully do not sell everything, we stay with what we know and what we can confidently assist our partners on and add value. Please contact us for details of our total range which includes magnetic tapes, Velcro, masking tapes, protection tapes, application tapes, packaging tapes, surface cleaners, stainless steel and aluminium cleaner, anti-static cleaner.