Training & Education

There is a need in modern signmaking for a highly trained, multi-skilled and flexible workforce. The ISA-UK Powered by the BSGA has taken a leading role in the development of a wide range of structured training programmes designed to help equip and qualify workers for their roles in today’s sign industry.  Under the ISA-UK Rules of Membership it is incumbent on Members to ensure that staff are fully trained for the roles they are to fulfil and the Association continues to make every effort to ensure that the required training opportunities are available to sign businesses.  The Association also actively encourages Members to make full use of all the facilities that are available.  In these times of increasingly restricted government funding, there is a danger  that if training is not taken up, funding will be withdrawn.  It is, at the present time, as matter of ‘use it, or lose it’.
The ISA-UK is the only trade association representing the interests of sign makers in these matters.

The benefits of focused training for the sign industry include:

  • Up skilled employees
  • Higher quality workmanship
  • Faster, more productive and efficient workers
  • Less downtime than with inexperienced employees
  • A better return on investment
  • More profitable work
  • A more attractive proposition for customers seeking to buy signs from competent, qualified and professional sign companies
  • Increased job satisfaction

The benefits for the Employee are

  • Improved capabilities and skill sets
  • Adaptability in the workforce
  • Better understanding and application of signmaking and installation techniques
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Progressive career path
  • A skilled, competent and qualified employee will always be preferred over someone who isn’t.

Specific Product, Manufacturing and Application Training, Safety Training

The ISA-UK supports its Associate Member Companies who supply material and equipment to the Sign Industry and provide targeted and focused courses on their specific products/manufacturing techniques to help the Sign Maker achieve their maximum potential and become a more qualified and competent unit. You can search for training courses offered by members in the members search.


For information into the availability, funding, process or any other query regarding Apprenticeships, please contact: Cogent SSC Ltd., Unit 5 Mandarin Court, Centre Park, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 1GG Telephone: 01925 515 200

QCF/SVQ/Diploma Level 2 or 3 in Signmaking

For information on the route towards QCF/SVQ/Diploma qualifications –which are a compulsory component towards obtaining a CSCS card relevant to the Sign Industry – please contact either of the following:

Providers of courses and Assessors

These are authorised bodies who can organise both courses and assessments for both Apprenticeships and other qualifications. The following information has been provided by Cogent, the Sector Skill Council for the Sign Industry. Please contact the following:

Clive Mitchell, Walsall College.

David Gregory, Sheffield College.

IPS International, Kent.

Hull Training. Telephone 01482 612 349

Central Sussex College.

The BSGA regrets that it will not be able to provide specific  information on funding, courses available or course providers . Furthermore, this information is correct as of August 2016 however, there may well be changes in funding and Assessors that may not be advised to the BSGA. It is advisable therefore to always contact the bodies detailed above for current further information

CSCS Cards

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards are increasingly  demanded before anyone is allowed to carry out their trade on a construction site or on established premises. CSCS cards for the sign industry are available in 2 categories:Sign Installer (illuminated)Sign Installer (non-illuminated)

To obtain one of these cards, the applicant must hold a minimum qualification of a QCF/SVQ Level 2. To obtain a QCF/SVQ qualification, please see the section above entitled QCF/SVQ/ Diploma Level 2 or 3 in Signmaking. If the applicant already holds the necessary qualification and wishes to obtain a CSCS card, including renewals, then contact CSCS direct for an application pack by either visiting or telephoning 0844 576 8777.

CITB Construction Skills Health & Safety Test

Information can be found on this test on the CITB Construction Skills website or by calling their helpline on 0870 600 4020


  • NVQ refers to National Vocational Qualifications.
  • SVQ refers to Scottish Vocational Qualifications
  • QCF refers to Qualifications and Credit Framework. QCF came into being in 2011 and replaced NVQ. NVQ should still be accepted as a qualification pass however there may be a time limit applied when using NVQ towards obtaining a CSCS card. Please use the links under CSCS cards to obtain the details of the current acceptance rules.