Rules of Membership

All members of the ISA-UK sign up to the Association’s Rules of Membership which contain amongst other things, the Code of Practice and Obligations of Membership. “It is this that sets a ISA-UK Member apart from other sign makers”.
In becoming a member they accept that the Code shall be binding on them and be observed in letter and in spirit.


The principal purpose of the Code is to promote and enforce the highest standards of quality, design, workmanship, commercial practice and training in the sign industry.  The ISA-UK actively promotes, through this web site and other marketing activities, the fact that members have been vetted and have agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Should any member be found to failing to uphold the principles of the ISA-UK, the Council has the power to terminate membership with immediate effect.

By selecting a ISA-UK member to undertake a project, a sign buyer can have increased confidence that all work will meet all relevant standards.  In rare cases where there is a dispute between a customer and a member, the ISA-UK will provide a voluntary dispute resolution service.

Rules of Membership

The complete Rules of Membership of the ISA-UK can be viewed as a download.

Logo Use

The rules governing the use of the ISA-UK logo (which is a registered mark and intellectual property) can be downloaded