ISA-UK Subscription Scales

Below is the subscription scales and definitions of the member categories for ISA-UK members.

The scales are for memberships commencing or renewing between 1st January 2019 – 31st December 2019

Primarily for established signmakers whose principal place of business is situated in the United Kingdom and who satisfy all membership criteria.

Up to £200,000£400.00  
Up to £300,000£600.00  
Up to £500,000£867.00  
Up to £1,000,000£1,720.00  
Up to £2,000,000£2,700.00  
Up to £5,000,000£3,500.00  
Above £5,000,000£4,000.00  

For signmakers who have (a) been in the sign business for less than three years or (b) have been in business for more than three years but have a turnover of less than £200,000 per annum. – £250.00 

Any business engaged in the trade only provision of sub-contract sign survey, installation or maintenance services to, or on behalf of, Full Members and who does not supply such services direct to consumers or otherwise qualify as a Full Member – £330.00

For businesses that supply materials, components, equipment or services to the sign industry and does not supply signs or related services direct to consumers.

Up to £1,000,000£750.00
From £1-5, 000,000£950.00
Over £5,000,000£1,800.00

For businesses engaged in or in any way interested in the sign industry whose principal place of business is situated outside the United Kingdom – £566.00

Any educational establishment which provides courses or training for the sign industry which have been approved by the ISA-UK Board – £311.00

For businesses that supply consultancy, design, project management or other professional services to the sign industry and does not meet any of the criteria set out in other Member categories – £330.00

For any business that supplies printing and other related services to the sign industry or direct to consumers, but does not otherwise qualify as a Full Member. (See full member for prices).

Category for those who are involved in the specification, procurement or sourcing of signs, print, graphic displays and other related services from the sign industry  – £85.00

All subscription rates are subject to VAT at the current rate

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