New Signage Technician Apprenticeship Update – Consultation of the proposed new standard before final submission.

As some of you may know, The Government is moving towards a new apprenticeship standards format that gives employer groups from each industry a chance to design a new apprenticeship that will be for the betterment of the industry and people coming into it.

The employer led Trailblazer group for the Signage industry has already successfully demonstrated in 2019 that there is a need for a specific apprenticeship for our industry.

We have since developed the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSB’s) we feel are needed for the L3 standard, and this survey is to determine if the occupational standard we have created meets the needs of our industry.

We ask to please read the PDF summary and then answer a 6 question survey. This is by no means a finished document, and we welcome all constructive feedback and ideas that can be taken and added into the standard.

The deadline for the survey is 30 June 2020, with the view to submit for final Governmental approval on the 15 of July 2020.

Thanks in advance.