A Fed-up Sign maker has taken vigilante action against a customer he claims hasn’t paid him.
Graham Crawley, who owns Auld Lang Signs in Dreghorn, plastered a huge sticker over the shop sign of Dilley Dalley Books in Bank Street on Sunday which said:
“The woman inside this shop doesn’t pay her bills. This sign will be removed when she does.”But book shop owner Jackie Dalley claims she is the victim in the dispute and says Mr Crawley has been following her and taking photos of her.
She told the Times:
“This is a matter between myself and Mr Crawley. He is completely out of order. If there was an issue, there are correct procedures to follow.
I’m a small business. I have a children’s book shop. He is threatening me and taking pictures of me. I am the victim here. He is not a very nice man, I’ve discovered.”
Mr Crawley claims he has tried to get money from Mrs Dalley from previous work he carried out for her and because she has allegedly refused to pay, he took drastic action and covered the shop sign with the giant sticker.
However, Mrs Dalley refused to confirm whether she owed Mr Crawley money.
She added:
“There’s a dispute between us but that is between me and him.”
Mrs Dalley has since taken both the sticker and her original shop sign down, but Mr Crawley has claimed on his Facebook page that he will return to put up another sign which says
“She’s still no paid”. However, Mrs Dalley has reported the incident to the police.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “We have received a report and enquiries are ongoing.”