How R&D tax credits can light up your signage business

Further expansion is guaranteed for the signage industry, with trends evolving to seamlessly fit around the busy lives of consumers. As the demand for green alternatives, digital technologies, better efficiencies and uncertainty from the ongoing pandemic grows, signage has a big role to fill. This is where R&D tax credits can help.

This generous benefit from HMRC helps support businesses who are creating new products, processes, knowledge, or services (or developing existing ones), likely through non-routine adaptions or problem-solving. And, what’s more: you can still claim the credits even if a project was ultimately unsuccessful.

The government’s R&D tax-credit legislation is purposefully broad in order to capture innovation in all sectors, recognising innovation as a key component in building greater economic prosperity. HMRC want to encourage companies engaging in R&D, which has recently seen the total value of claims settled annually almost double to over £5 billion.

How R&D tax credits can light up your signage business ISA-UK Member Kene Partners

Many companies within the sign and print industry are unaware that the projects they undertake daily qualify for the scheme. ISA-UK Member Kene Partners, want to change this. As specialist R&D tax advisors with deep-seated roots in the signage industry, our experts are well-adapted to dealing with these types of claims to ensure you secure the maximum amount of benefit available.

ISA-UK Member ImageCo is recognised nationally for their large format printing, signage and exhibition displays. They regularly research and develop new materials and processes to reduce turnaround time, increase sustainability, and push the boundaries of printing and display works for their clients:

“Once Kene Partners compiled the report and sent off the claim, I asked what they expected the figure to be. When the email came through I choked on my coffee, then thought there was a typing error – £77,000! Safe to say I did not expect the sum we received. From the initial conversation through to submission of our claim, and money back in our account, the process was easy, and took little time.”

At Kene Partners, we deliver value by deploying a team who can understand the technicalities of your innovation, and accurately capture and quantify all the relevant costs and expenditure in line with the governing legislation.

If you’d like to find out more – about the R&D tax incentives, or how we might work together – get in touch with the team at for a free consultation.

How R&D tax credits can light up your signage business ISA-UK Member Kene Partners

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