ISA-UK member Make it Happen successfully launch their new workshop – The Sustainability Bootcamp

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that going sustainable is no longer just a fad – it’s now the status quo or the new “cool.” From tech giants like Google to global food and beverage chains like McDonald’s, almost all companies are trying to change how they do things to cater to a consumer base that demands more environmentally friendly practices.

Demand for sustainable solutions is increasingly making its way into the print and signage supply chain. As a result, many of the world’s suppliers have invested heavily in eco-R&D, which can be seen with an influx of new materials launched to market of late.

Understandably not everyone has the ‘spare’ time to collate all these materials, investigate their eco-credentials and find out how to recycle them at end-of-life. But if you want to attract green buyers or be prepared for when the eco-questions land on your doorstep (and they will), you’ll need to do some homework.

Introducing the Sustainability Bootcamp!

This new workshop from the team at Make it Happen is a bumper start into the world of sustainability. It is designed to minimise the overwhelm while helping you to get the edge over your competition. It will also give you the tools and top tips to attract green buyers and grow your business.

What is covered:

  1. Sustainability Principles & Legislation
  2. Saving Energy & Resources
  3. Recycling & Waste Streams 
  4. Eco-Materials & their Credentials 
  5. Design for Sustainability 
  6. Reports and Tenders 
  7. Targeting Green Buyers  

What you will also walk away with:

  1. Sustainability Bootcamp certificate – plus marketing content to show the world that you now have an in-house sustainability lead.
  2. Exclusive subscription to the new ‘Make Sustainability Happen’ Linked In support group, bulletins, and network – plus Make Sustainability Happen branding kit that includes a website badge, email signature, and door sticker artwork to promote your new knowledge to your customer and future green buyers!

Whatever the stage of your sustainability journey, the bootcamp is designed to inspire you with practical guidance and a host of invaluable resources. It also uses our ever-growing network of contacts and introduces you to new eco-products, materials and services. 

If want to get ahead of your competition and not get left behind, contact Aimee Davies