Learn Along With ISA-UK and The Online Print Coach: The Role of Email Marketing In Your Signage Business

Despite what you might hear people say, Email Marketing still delivers some of the highest ROI than most other marketing activities. 

It can be used for acquisition, branding, retention, traffic, engagement, direct sales, and referrals. If you read my article back in May (READ HERE), I’m sure you know where I’m going with this next 🙂

I am of course going to revert you back to your Customer Value Journey. As I mention time and time again, this is core to all your sales and marketing and even when I was saying above what email can be used for, hopefully, you were recognising the parts within your journey where email can be useful to you. 

What email can do is speed up the steps throughout each part of your Customer Value Journey. 

You could be attracting new customers through a paid ad, perhaps that prospect needs to give you their email to qualify for a discount on their first order. 

If your customer has shown interest in a specific product or service you offer, perhaps you could be using email to help educate them on that product. Do they know how to use it? How can they possibly get the most value from it so they get maximum value and need to return and order from you again?

How can they acknowledge that value? Can you use email to encourage them to order that product from you again? Can you use email to request a testimonial or case study? Can they use email to refer you to others? 

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