Resysten International Launches Clean Air GO: A Breakthrough in NOx Removal for the Live Events & Visual Communications Sector

Resysten International, a leader in innovative environmental solutions has proudly announced the launch of Clean Air GO, a cutting-edge product designed specifically for the live events and visual communications industry. Clean Air GO provides a 60-day NOx removal performance, addressing the urgent need for cleaner air in outdoor media campaigns, retail point-of-sale graphics, and event signage.

“Clean Air GO represents the latest exciting innovation from Resysten International,” declares Shajjad Rizvi MBE, CEO of Resysten International. “Following the success of our antimicrobial products and the groundbreaking Clean Air by Resysten launched on Clean Air Day 2023, Clean Air GO will further enhance our commitment to improving air quality.”

Key Features of Clean Air GO:

  1. NOx Removal: Clean Air GO targets and breaks down harmful atmospheric air pollutants, including Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), a major contributor to poor air quality. When applied to posters, event flags, banners, and POS graphics, Clean Air GO ensures a healthier environment for event attendees and local communities.
  2. Greenhouse Gas Positive: NOx, along with VOCs and CO, serves as a precursor to Ozone (O₃) formation—a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. By reducing NOx, Clean Air GO supports a more sustainable future.
  3. Self-Cleaning Capability: Clean Air GO resists the build-up of fine particulates, mold, and algae on surfaces. This not only keeps graphics cleaner but also reduces water usage in cleaning regimes.
  4. Antimicrobial Properties: Leveraging Resysten’s proven antimicrobial technology, Clean Air GO acts as an effective surface disinfectant, limiting the spread of viruses and harmful bacteria on high-touch areas.

“Our customers’ feedback drove the development of Clean Air GO,” explains Mike Freely, CMO of Clean Air by Resysten. “We listened and recognised the need for a short-term variation to that appeals to both the events sector and fast-moving retail environments. The GO product sits perfectly alongside our core Clean Air by Resysten product which provides a longer 12-month efficacy”

Clean Air GO combines efficacy, affordability, and environmental responsibility, making it the ideal choice for event organisers, retailers, and visual communication professionals.

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