The ISA-UK Powered by the BSGA and its advisers constantly monitor UK and European legislations and other activities for any potential impact on UK signmakers and, where necessary, will make representations or take action on behalf of the sign industry. All ISA-UK Members are kept up to date with any developments, changes or alerts in order that the Member has a distinct professional advantage over its competition.

Local Plans

Recent examples include the monitoring of “Local Plans” for any adverse or unreasonable requirements that may be placed on signs and sign makers. These “Local Plans” are being produced by Local Authorities and may change the local requirements for signs in terms of size, colour, display area, positioning, construction etc.

The ISA-UK is monitoring every single plan and, where it is felt the requirements are restrictive, is placing objections to them. Our success rate is extremely high.

British Standards

There are many British Standards that Sign Makers are expected to comply with covering all aspects of design, component, construction and installation. The main one that affects our industry is BS559 which is the specification for the design, construction and installation of signs. It is a substantial compliance requirement of Membership of the ISA-UK. The ISA-UK is instrumental in the contents of this standard being fit for purpose, relevant and up to date.

Members of our own Technical Committee are in fact also members of the various Committees of the British Standards Institute where such standards come into contact with the design, making and installation of signs.

European Standards

Inevitably, legislation and standards drawn up in Europe, become the norm in the UK in the form of a harmonised European Standards document (hEN). This legislation then feeds into the British legislation and regulations becoming a requirement rather than just a standard.European standards are also covered by criminal law whereas British Standards tend to come under civil law.

The ISA-UK, through its colleagues, the European Sign Federation,take action and make representations wherever necessary. As in the UK, Members of our own Technical Committee are also members of the various Committees and Institutes that set these regulations across the whole of the EU community.